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The Ultimate Package

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Metcalfe, (ottawa), Ontario

Ultimate Extended Warranty Coverage - This coverage is so comprehensive that if it’s not in a short list of exclusions*, it is covered. Ultimate Coverage includes all components covered under Select Coverage PLUS hundreds more, such as; Awning Wind Sensor  Automatic Winterizing Systems  Automatic Traction Control  DVD Player (Factory Installed)  External Entertainment System, Brakes (Jake Brakes) Navigational Systems (Factory Installed)  Night Vision and Infrared  Power Seat Motor Roof TV Antenna and Head  Satellite  Radio  Satellite System Security Systems (Factory Installed)  Tire Pressure Monitor TV Antenna Wiper Control Module  Wiper Linkage  Web TV (Factory Installed)  Weather Centre (Factory Installed)  Windshield Wiper Arms *See Service Contract terms and conditions for full details of coverages and exclusions  Optional Ultimate Xtraride Warranty Coverage Deluxe Audio Visual Package: Television sets up to 52” and perimeter warning system. Travel Trailer Coverage - Hot water heater  Refrigerator  Surge/electrical trailer brakes  Waste system  Axillary powerplant/generator Trailer suspension system  Heating  system  Power step  Pop-up trailers Air conditioning  Electrical systems  Ventilation and exhaust fans  Range and oven  Audio systems  Awnings  Fresh water system  Converter/battery  charger Seals and gaskets*  LP gas system Service  Calls: Up to $200 for on-site service calls if your unit cannot be moved. Trip Interruption: Up to $600 per occurrence for hotel/meal expenses if your RV is disabled for more than 160 kms from home. ​Food Spoilage: Up to $150 reimbursement for food spoilage from a covered repair. Emergency Roadside Assistance - Towing  Select: Up to $300 per occurrence for a  covered breakdown • Ultimate: Up to $500 per occurrence for a  covered breakdown.

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XtraRide Warranty Recreational Vehicle Insurance 

XtraRide RV Warranty Program Highlights- You are protected anywhere in North America.
Current model years are eligible •   Exclusionary coverage  •   Additional benefits include: towing, flat tire services, fluid delivery   services, lock-out services, battery services, substitute transportation reimbursement and trip interruption reimbursement •  Transfer and Cancellation options •   Guaranteed Price Refund program    Post Sale program •   Online remittance Returning to selling dealer for repairs reduces deductible by $50 New Towable: Terms from 48 months to 84 months Pre-owned: Motorhomes: Terms from 12/20,000 km to 48/80,000 km. Pre-owned: Towable: Terms from 12 months to 48 months
XtraRide covers your Motorhome or Travel Trailer anywhere you go in Canada and the United States. Coverage that is simple and Easy to Use Full coverage with no hidden charges; all covered parts and labour included. Repair costs are paid directly to the authorized repair facilities on approved repairs, saving you out-of-pocket expenses and the inconvenience of waiting for reimbursement. Xtraride Warranty offers Low or No Deductible Options. All Plans come with a low standard deductible of $100 per occurrence. $0, $50, $200 and $250 deductibles are also available as optional upgrades for Motorhome and Travel Trailer Plans. Transferable Coverage If you sell your RV, you can transfer your XtraRide coverage to the new owner for the remainder of the term of the Plan, increasing the resale value of your unit. Toll-Free Assistance - Should you need help with a claim or have questions about your Protection Plan, you can call toll-free for assistance. 

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance - Protect Your Family - Travel With Confidence

Extended RV Warranty Coverage, The XtraRide Advantage.

Purchasing a travel trailer, 5th wheel, toy hauler or truck camper?  Any make, any model, regardless where you purchased it, XtraRide Warranty can offer you more than peace of mind.

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