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Weight Distribution & Sway Control

Samlex Solar 90 WATT Portable Panel - Limited 2 Year Warranty.

Solar Kit; Portable Solar Charging Kit; 90 Watts/ 17.4 Volt Maximum/ 5.16 Amp; Rigid Panel; 26-1/2 Inch Width x 43.39 Inch Height x 3.07 Inch Thickness; Bracket Mount; With 10 Amp PMW Charge Controller; With Three Foldable Solar Panels/ 32 Foot Length Connecting Cables/ Battery Clamps/ Carry Case/ Adjustable Aluminum Legs

Type: Portable Solar Charging Kit
Power Rating: 90 Watts/ 17.4 Volts Maximum/ 5.16 Amps
Panel Type: Rigid Panel
Length (IN): 43.39 Inch
Width (IN): 26-1/2 Inch
Thickness (IN): 3.07 Inch
Panel Mount Type: Bracket Mount
Controller Type: 10 Amps PMW Charge Controller
With Solar Panel: Yes
With Cables: Yes
With Remote Control: No
With Carry
Case: Yes

Fold Out, Adjustable Legs Provide A Stable Platform And A Great Way To Optimize The Panels For The Sun’s Energy
Features Stainless Steel And Aluminum Hardware; Hardwearing Components For Life On The Road!
Captures The Power Of The Sun Without Complicated Installations, Brackets or Electrical Diagrams
Fold Away Conveniently With An Easy Carry Handle For Quick Transport Or Stowage

Adco Covers for all types

Adco quality storage covers for Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers & Tent Trailers

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  • Combines weight distribution and sway control in a single unit
  •  no need for additional hardware
  • None of the noise problems other WD/sway products have – it’s quiet
  • Forged and hardened components deliver exceptional durability, safety, and service
  • Hitch ball is factory installed and tightened to the correct specifications
  • Significantly lighter than competing products
  • Universal EZ Adjust frame brackets for easy installation and adjustment




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Samlex Portable Solar Panels

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kits can be folded neatly into their carrying case for easy storage. They are perfect for charging and maintaining any 12V battery system, including the following applications:

* Automotive recreation vehicles or trailers
* Boats and marine craft
* Motorcycles
* Cabins or cottages
* Camping sites
* Construction and farm equipment
* All-terrain vehicles (ATV)
* Disaster/emergency preparedness operations

To fully enjoy your travel you need batteries you can depend on, batteries that can power your kitchen appliances, TVs or refrigerators. Whatever living comforts your RV is equipped with, using Pow-R-Surge™ batteries ensures you maximum power for all your RV equipment, truly making it your home sweet home.

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The New Center Line TS has been in development by Husky's engineering team for nearly three years. We brought advanced design, the latest in technology and materials science to a product that greatly improves the towing experience. Center Line TS replaces products that have been relatively unchanged for more than two decades. The result is the most dramatic new weight distribution system on the market today. Integrating Weight Distribution and Sway Control, the Center Line TS delivers superior performance, and resolves many of the shortcomings of older technology products. So get to know the new Center Line TS.
 Center Line TS is a new, advanced, lighter, and more compact design based on the award winning Center Line HD. Lift brackets, head and spring bars all work together to deliver a very smooth and highly responsive ride - a ride that is noticeably quieter than other products on the market. Trunnion style spring bars are matched to popular weight ranges, delivering unmatched integrated weight distribution and sway control, superior performance, more ground clearance, and an unmatched value.

 Includes 2" or 2-5/16-inch hitch ball pre-installed on the hitch head!         

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