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  • Miller Rv Sales - 5.49% financing

We can finance your next purchase from 7500.oo to 50,000.00 at a competitive 4.99% rate.
We offer on the spot financing - OAC. Get financing approval in as little as 5 minutes. From 36 to 180 months or more, we can customize your next purchase to suit your budget requirements. Call us for details.
Most Important @ Miller Rv Sales there is no administrative charges, no this, no that....no hidden fees. Now that's what I call honest financing. Great rates that allow you to pay it off early without penalty.

  • ​Financing and Insuring Your RV

Are you thinking about buying a recreation vehicle? Whether you are a young family seeking the pleasures of family camping adventures, busy professionals seeking quality leisure time, or a mature couple considering RV travel to bring variety and excitement to your retirement years, there's an RV to meet your needs and budget. Your path to RV ownership will be smoother if you are prepared in advance to approach decisions about financing and insuring your new unit. We'd like to share with you some of the wisdom and experience accumulated by some of the many of RV owners who have preceded you.

  • Consider Your RV Financing Options

RV financing, Self-financing. Before making an RV purchase, check your resources to determine if it will pay you to borrow from yourself. You might finance your purchase by using your retirement payout, proceeds from the sale of a residence or other "windfall" income to make your purchase for cash. You might borrow against a paid-up whole life insurance policy. If the cash value of your policy is large enough to cover the annual interest payments, you can skip making monthly payments, if necessary, you might even consider a home equity loan.
 There is an offsetting disadvantage to self RV financing. Your funds, if otherwise invested, could be producing dividend income for you. Also, by converting some assets to cash, you might incur taxable capital gains or (in the case of bank CDs) early redemption penalties. However, as a rule, the yield from most investments will not match the interest you would have to pay for a bank loan.

   RV Financing 5.49%

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