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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Adventurer Truck Campers by ALP vs. Travel Lite RV Truck Campers

Adventurer vs. Travel Lite

What truck camper should I choose? Now that is a loaded question, or is it? Choosing a truck camper is an easier choice once you know what you want it for and will my truck of choice carry the payload safely.

So a great place to start will be with payload, not to be mistaken for towing capacity. A truck's payload capacity refers to all the cargo weight that you can safely add in the box and truck's cab. So for example, my truck weights 5500 lbs. and the GVWR is 8900 lbs., the difference between the two is your payload. In this example, the payload is 3400 lbs.. A truck's payload varies from truck to truck so you will always need to know the payload prior to purchasing a truck camper. Half ton trucks have a lower payload than a 3/4 ton and so on. Payload includes the camper weight including options, pots, pans, water and everything else you put in the camper. It also includes gas in the truck, the driver and passenger(s) and whatever you put in the cab of the truck.

So now you know your payload, the next thing you need to do is choose a truck camper that will meet your needs. So when you are out looking keep a few things in mind:

Budget - how much am I prepared to spend on a truck camper?

Options - Do I want AC, electric jacks, stereo, microwave, oven, wet bath or dry bath, a north/south bed or an east/west bed, stove top, fridge and freezer, generator, solar power, (just to name a few possible options).

Brand - Truck campers vary in looks, style, quality and pricing.

So now you have found a few truck campers that may work for you and after careful consideration and some homework you come to the conclusion that your existing truck or the new one you wanted to purchase will not safely carry the models you are looking at. Hmm, a dilemma for sure so you need to go back to the drawing board. Lesson learned that if your planning on purchasing a truck camper never put the cart before the horse.

Find the camper you know will work then you can go purchase your truck that will safely carry the payload. You may not always have the luxury of purchasing a newer truck and if this is the case then you will have to make due with a lighter truck camper with fewer options but you can make it work.

So is there anything else I will need? Yup, there sure is. Your camper has to be secured to your truck. You don't want to loose your camper do you? We highly recommend the Torklift International Products. Their frame mounts bolt directly to your truck frame (no drilling required), and an approx. 3 hour install. Then you can use the Torklift fastguns or turnbuckles to connect your camper to the frame mounts.

Miller Rv Sales offers two truck camper lines. The Adventurer truck campers are designed for 3/4 and one ton trucks and offer attractive and durable campers offering the best in class design and construction. The Travel Lite RV truck campers are lightweight, smaller campers that offer many models that are half-ton friendly and are available with many of the popular options. Either way, we have a truck camper to meet all of your needs. Come visit us soon.

Miller Rv Sales inc. is a Certified Dealer for all your Torklift International Products.

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