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Just a few of our many 2017 Happy Campers

2017 CampLite TC 8.6

I would recommend Miller RV Sales to everyone. They have a great product line. The owner, Barry Miller, is very knowledgeable, professional, fair, honest and treated my wife Nancy and I will the utmost respect. It was a pleasure dealing with Barry. We just recently purchased and picked up a 2018 Retro 195. It's just awesome and all the neighbours just love it. It tows great behind our Ford Expedetion Max Ltd SUV. It's a sweet ride. My brother-in-law says the Retro 195 reminds him of "Low Rider" by ZZ Top. Rock On! He wants one also. We are leaving with the 195 Retro early this summer for Whitehorse and Dawson City and we just can't wait.

Garrett Cavagangh de Jong

Trust and Quality… a great combination when buying your new RV.  We bought our first CampLite from Barry at Miller RV Sales 3 years ago and couldn’t  be happier with our decision. The Camplite trailer is envied where ever we travel, and after 3 years the quality has proven to be second to none. The sales and support provided by Barry was like dealing with a good friend... honest, open and relaxed.  We trust Barry profoundly, and love the Camplite line so much, that we have pointed dozens of our friends, and frankly anyone we talk too, in Barry’s direction.  There are bigger dealers… but few with the same heart! 
Bruce & Tracy, Ottawa

Going on a trip to the East Coast for a few weeks.

This tows like a dream.

Life dosen't get any better than this..

Doug Billy                                                 July 2017

 10.0 TC - CampLite Truck Camper

 14 DB - CampLite by LivinLite

  Bought a Camplite 16TBS recently from Miller RV Sales. Being new to the RV world, I had many questions on its  

 operation and the vehicle's systems. Barry was always there to provide me with the information I required be it on the  

 phone, in person or via email when I was camping. When a minor warranty issue arose with the RV, Barry promptly  

 and effectively dealt with the issue resolving it in very short order. If you are looking for a RV, I would strongly suggest

 that you see Barry at Miller RV Sales in Metcalfe where you will find quality RVs and support that excels.

    G. Finck

6.0 Coleman (Quicksilver)

177 Special Edition "RETRO"

I like the price you see is what you pay.   Terry & Jan

Cindy and I were about to purchased a trailer at another dealer but when it came to signing the contract, the final price was more than we agreed on. It took us 2 minutes to decide that we did not feel comfortable about this so we went to Miller's and purchased our second choice.

​C. & C. Rossler

​  Thanks Barry, after a few glitches were fixed,we really enjoy the ​teardrop camper. 

Required is  a 30amp/15amp adaptor for the marine grade power cord, if you want power at their home or an ordinary outlet, and a water hose for the city water connector, otherwise the unit is ready to be used as shipped.

 A selling feature is the power converter. Once plugged in, you get a 20-amp plug (separate circuit breaker) to run an A/C unit and/or an electric heater in the shoulder seasons. You get a 15-amp GFI plug (separate circuit breaker). You get the main 30-amp circuit breaker, that when on, powers the converter. The converter will send power to a separate 12-V plug unit to run anything you want and the two other 12-V "radio plugs" that power the two supplied light/fan units.

 This works with or without a battery. Should you decide to add a battery, than the converter is a 3-step, marine grade, battery charger/maintainer. The only thing I am not quite sure about is whether or not it will properly charge and maintain an AGM battery as opposed to a normal flooded lead/acid battery?

 The trickiest thing, if you aren't already used to the type of stabilizer jacks supplied, is to properly insert the metal bar and push down to give a solid stable "lock". It takes a little getting used to but works surprisingly well.

 The instructional videos are perfect. Just follow the steps in the video. No problem.

The materials used, all-aluminum construction, marine grade Bimini SS hardware and fabric, Dexter torsion axle, 15" tires, ie: all the Bearcat stuff, really does make this unit exceptional with regard to longevity and ruggedness. You actually get what you pay for!

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with so honest a dealer who kept his word. Integrity does mean something!

Jim and Debbie Milne

Got back to NS safely.  Logged almost 5000 kms round-trip with my Quicksilver. 

Tows like a dream.  Hardly knew it was there.  Camped on the way.  Very fast set-up and take down.  Kids loved it. 

Jeremy & Kimberly - Nova Scotia Aug. 2012

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. We love our 8.1 Quicksilver.    
Jean and John

The trailer pulled well and it is quite light. No problem pulling this 10.0 even going uphill with our 4cyl. Nissan Rogue.
John and Jane Withers – Hamilton

Thanks again for the Quicksilver 6.0.  It was great up at the lake.On the day it rained, there was 6 screaming kids, and 4 dogs up in the cottage, and I had a nice little sitting room quiet down by the lake.  The Quicksilver got a lot of complements from the folks up at the cottage this weekend.

Regards.  Joe

I love this trailer...and it all Aluminum....

Wow what a great concept

M Richer

 We just purchased our 10.0 Quicksilver from Miller Rv Sales and would highly recommend this place.  Barry was extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with.  He took the time to set up the trailer with us when we went to pick it up and answered any questions we may have had.  We are towing it with our Nissan Rogue and do not even notice that we are pulling the trailer behind!  The Quicksilver is not only very
spacious with a lot of interior storage but it also opens up and folds down very easily!  Quicksilver is a great alternative for those who do not have a vehicle that is capable of towing a traditional heavier weight trailer. 

For anyone interested in finding out more about these trailers we suggest you visit Barry at Miller Rv Sales as you will not be disappointed with the service you will receive!  

The Lafreniere Family.

We are so happy we purchased our trailer from Miller RV Sales. They are so friendly and made financing our trailer a breeze.  David and Sandra

I was so impressed with the ease with which I could pull the Quicksilver 10.0. I could hardly tell I was pulling a trailer.  Even on the hills I was able to maintain speed (my Subaru has a 4-cylinder engine).  The suspension on the trailer handles the roughest roads with ease, riding the bumps well with no excessive bouncing.  My last trailer also had a 10 foot box but weighed over 1800 pounds. When pulling it my fuel consumption increased by 4 litres/100km.  When pulling the Quicksilver my fuel consumption increased by only 1.5 litres/100km. This will save us a lot on gas since we are planning a very long trip with this trailer.

We bought it because we expected it to be easier to tow and it certainly has proved itself in that respect.

I have used the CampLite over the summer many times and I just love it.
The quality and lightweight is exceptional.

I am very pleased
Thank you and all the best

John Kay - CampLite 13QBB Bronze colour

6.0 Quicksilver with surge brakes weighs only 620 lbs -tongue weight only 75 lbs

Charcoal gray - finally a light weight camper we can pull safely with our small car.   off to the east coast we go.....

It has been absolutely wonderful dealing with you. We have been looking for a camping trailer our vehicle will pull and this meets all our needs.
Thanks again

We just got home from our 2 hour drive from your lot to our home and I barely noticed that I had a trailer behind me!! It was a great towing experience!!

Thank you again for all of your help today in getting us set up for some stress free more enjoyable camping experiences!!

We love our CampLite Trailer. The quality and lightweight speaks for itself.

All the Best
D. Dostaler
It was well worth the trip...

Always good to deal with someone that’s upfront and honest.
We will recommend you to our friends and family

This is exactly what I have been looking for. All aluminum, lightweight and easy to tow.
Thank you  

 have to say that we had reservations at first but it has been such a great experience from start to finish. We love our Camplite trailer. 

Bill & Peggy S.

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Happy Camper Testimonials

The 8.0 Quicksilver models towed perfectly and almost effortlessly behind our 2002 Honda CR-V on our way back home in Oswego, New York. When coming to a stop and having the surge brakes on the camper, we didn’t even sense that we had anything in tow. Did notice going
up grades or hills, vehicle downshifted quicker and more frequently for the 4 cylinder engine that it has. Trailer did not sway at all at any speed and towed very tightly to the vehicle..."  Thank you for all of your assistance and answering our questions during our first time purchase of a camper trailer. Best of luck in the future.     John and Donna.


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