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   December - January - February Store Hours​ 

  The office is closed during these months however we can be easily          reached. You can book an appointment, get pricing or any information    on any of our products.

   By email millerrvsales@gmail.com as we check it daily or you can call      me directly on my mobile phone 613-859-1892.          


  Barry J Miller

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Model 526RL  Seafoam & white

A Proud Member of ORVDA

Canada's very first "Retro" 5th Wheel

Due to continual research and advances, manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications, design, and equipment without notice, and assumes no responsibility for any error on this website. Some items may not be shown as standard or optional equipment.

​     What can my vehicle really tow?

  A good question, so this is my answer   to you. If your towing vehicle is rated for   3500  lbs, then I like the 80/20 rule (with   the  use of electric brakes).

 The trailer should be no more than 2800    lbs.  Remember, you need to leave   room for the  following; Mom and Dad   and the children (part of the towing   capacity)

  Food, clothing,  pots, pans etc.

 Dry camping ? Water 10 lbs per gallon   in the   holding tank, add another 275 lbs.

  By the way, my car dealer will not cover   the warranty on my new   car even though I was told I could safely   tow it.

​  Send the Dealer where you purchased  the trailer from, the bill... but get it   in writing first. Buyer be ware...

Miller Rv Sales 

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7881 Victoria St Metcalfe ON K0A 2P0 CA​

613-821-2323 (office), 613-859-1892 (cell), 855-521-2323 (toll free),  613-212-8991 (fax)

E-mail:   millerrvsales@gmail.com

 Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to provide you and your family with quality lightweight aluminum camping products that you will enjoy for many years to come. Visit us and see why LivinLite products are "Built to Last".

 We keep growing and carry the  Riverside White Water RV "Retro" trailers.

New for 2018, is the introduction of 3 new product lines.

 Travel Lite, inTech and Sunset Park RV all that will bring excitement and affordable quality ​to our existing lines.

       We always do our best to offer you our lowest Prices.

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                                    Saturday   9:30 am - 3:00 pm 

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