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Miller Rv Sales 

CampLite Travel Trailers

7881 Victoria Street

Metcalfe (Ottawa) Ontario  K0A2P0

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note: Livinlite will make slight changes as new models are introduced at their descrection. 

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11 FK CampLite

Miller Rv Sales - 7881 Victoria Street  

CampLite Travel Trailers  

Metcalfe (Ottawa), Ont. K0A-2P0

613-821-2323 (office), 613-859-1892 (cell), 855-521-2323 (toll free),  613-212-8991 (fax)

email: rvsales@millerrvsales.ca  

website: www.millerrvsales.ca      

Livin'Lite:  www.livinlite.com

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14 DB CampLite

Camplite Travel Trailers 

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES - CampLite travel trailers have Tubular Aluminum Frame Lightweight; Durable; will not rust away like typical steel frames.Dexter ™ Independent Torsion SuspensioWide-Track Leaf Spring 2500# Axles w/MORryde® Suspensionn provides the smoothest ride and best tracking. Laminated Floor – 1 7/8" thick w/Fiberglass, Block Foam & Azdel (No Wood = No Rot) (R9 insulation) will not rot away, sag or have soft spots like typical plywood floor decking. Frankly there is no comparison to conventional trailers here.Tubular Aluminum Sidewall Framing Lightweight; Durable; will not rot away like wood. Aluminum Sidewall Exterior Lightweight; Strong; Durable; offers the option of colors vs. the competition's white.Diamond Plate Aluminum Rockguard and Trim Package (automotive styling) Protective; Durable and Adds a great Look to the exterior of the camper. Fully Insulated Sidewalls and Roof Lightweight, Block Foam insulation laminated for maximum strength, laminated decorative wall board (non wood) laminated interior.Tubular Aluminum Cabinet Framing Lightweight; Durable; water resistant; will not rot away, vs. wood bases.Standard Wood Grain Azdel  Cabinetry Lightweight; Durable; Clean Look; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the typical wood paneling.Optional Finished Aluminum Cabinet Doors Lightweight; Durable; Clean Look; Designed to stand the test of time - compared to typical "presswood" doors.Lightweight European Composite Windows Featuring Built-In Day/Night Shades and the ability to be propped open.Lightweight Custom Crafted Countertops Lightweight; Durable; Water Resistant; Designed to stand the test of time - compared with the "presswood" tops.76" Interior Headroom .No more bending over in your automotive camper! Enjoy the ability to walk around with plenty of head room - afforded by CAMPLITE'S increased interior spaciousness!Automotive Exterior Colors Choose from a variety of metallic exterior metal colors to match your tow vehicle!OTHER GREAT FEATURES 56" Dinette with Built-In Storage and Custom Cushions - Converts to sleeping area.12V&110V Electrical Outlets Providing convenient access for fans, TV, radio, lights, etc.Wet Bath with Ceramic Toilet. Shower (hot water heater/water pump)Exterior Shower With Flexible Hose and sprayer Aluminum Mag WheelsFour Stab JacksSafety ChainsSpare TireLighted, Molded License Plate cover, full LP pkg includes: Furnace, Water Heater, (2) Burner Cooktop and 3-Way Refer.3 Year Structural Warranty

                   quality, Built to last

With Camplite automotive travel trailers,you will find ultra lite weight, all-aluminum construction, ​block foam insulation and lightweight Azdel composite wallboard throughout each and every model. Not a stitch of wood to mildew or rot anywhere at

any time. Camplite is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly RVs you

will come across, boasting 98% recyclable materials yet built to last for generations. 

 It is this type of forward-thinking and ingenuity along with a commitment to customer satisfaction that has earned Livin' Lite the honor of being named one of the Top 500 fastest growing privately owned companies in the country by INC. magazine three years in a row. 

We encourage you to check out the competition and compare. We believe you'll find the strength and durability of the Camplite travel trailers to be unrivaled in the lite-weight travel trailer market. We have the Best prices in Canada on LivinLite Products and include freight and PDI.  Just pay the HST (no hidden fees)

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